Insulin Pump 101

Insulin Pump 101

Medtronic Veo Insulin PumpMedtronic Veo Insulin Pump

With technology moving forward at a break-neck pace, it is hard to keep up with all of the new toys and gadgets that come to market on a daily basis. What is the most important piece of technology that you use on a day-to-day basis? For me, the Medtronic Veo Insulin Pump is the most important gadget in my life. It is the machine that delivers insulin to my son’s body over 6 times per day.

How It Works

Essentially, the Veo pump works by delivering a constant Basal rate of insulin to help maintain Blood Glucose levels, while also allowing addition Bolus’ of insulin to be administered based on carbohydrate intakes throughout the day. Corrections can also be programmed into the Veo to help bring Blood Sugar down to the correct range when they are higher than they should be.

Various carb to insulin ratios can be programmed to correspond with different times of the day. For example, my son’s ratio is typically higher first thing in the morning and just before he goes to bed. For him, he seems to need more insulin during non-active times of the day. These ratios are used to help determine how much insulin he gets with each meal.

Bayer Contour Link Blood Glucose MonitorBayer Contour Link Blood Glucose Monitor

Another great feature is the ability for our Bayer Contour Link Blood Glucose Monitor to wirelessly talk to the Veo. Each time we test our son, the reading goes directly from his BGM to his pump, allowing us to skip manually imputing his blood sugar each time.


Not only have the Veo and Contour made managing our son’s diabetes easier, but more importantly, they have helped bring his overall A1C down from where it was before we started “pumping” over one year ago. If you would like more information on these products, you can go their websites by following the above links. I also recommend asking your health care provider about the different options out there, as this is one of several insulin pumps currently available in the marketplace.

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