Anyone who deals with diabetes on a regular basis knows that insulin to carb ratios change on an ongoing basis. Every time you think you have it dialed in, it seems to throw you a curve-ball. A week of high mornings, a few days of afternoon snack lows, or just an off reading at an unexpected time of day.

Wouldn’t be awesome if it were as easy as a generic “one size fits all” algorithm? If there wasn’t a thousand different variables that can change blood sugars on an ongoing basis. As a parent of a diabetic child, I feel a need to memorize a hundred different calculations based on things like physical activity, net carbs and/or whether my son is tracking high or low (You get the idea).

For the first year there was no worse feeling for me than when I thought I had taken everything into consideration based on the above examples and I would get a reading of 15.6 (or higher)!! I always blamed myself for not being able to figure it out, and my son was the one who suffered. We have now been living with diabetes for over two years now and I have come to realize that I have to quit blaming myself and realize that there are just too many variables to predict.

Exact science? No. The ability to roll with the punches and adjust accordingly seems to be the best we can do as parents. Embrace the learning curve. While you may never be perfect, you will get better. I promise.