One of the days I look most forward to every 4-6 weeks is when our local diabetes support group convenes. It is an opportunity to share the highs and lows (no pun intended) of dealing with our children who are T1D.  A chance to exchange ideas, websites, new products available, and stories of anything and everything T1D.

The first meeting I went to was one of the most freeing moments I have experienced since our son was diagnosed. I’m not going to lie, I was unsure how these meetings were going to help me and/or make me feel. I walked into the hotel conference room with my wife. There were 6 other parents there… all moms. “Where are all the dads?”, I thought. Ultimately it didn’t matter. The next 2 hours were filled with stories from other families living with diabetes. And you know what? They were the same ups and downs that we were experiencing. The stories and conversations people shared made me feel… normal again.

It was nice to be able to relate to other families. To not have to explain what diabetes was.

It was at that first meeting that a few suggestions of some diabetes support blogs were brought forward. It was after reading one of those blogs (, that I was inspired to tell my own story, but through the eyes of a father of a child living with T1D. I credit that first meeting for giving me the kick in the pants to get this blog off the ground.

All subsequent meetings have been equally valuable. We have talked about everything from newest BGM that talks to your iPhone (, to dogs that can alert to when a child is having a high or low blood sugar ( The point I’m making is that I take something away from every meeting. I’m very thankful that one of the parents approached the JDRF to get this group started. Take the time to contact your local JDRF chapter to see if there is a support group in your area. If there isn’t one, do what you can to get it started. You’ll be glad you did.