3 Things I Hate About Diabetes

Believe me, there are way more than three things that I hate about diabetes. I’m not sure how many people would take the time out of their day to read “The 47 Things I Hate…”. I’ve chosen the three that drive me the most crazy.

1. Counting Carbs

I eluded to it in my inaugural blog post. Counting carbs sucks. That being said, I have found an app that takes any guess work out of it. It is the CalorieKing Calorie Counter (Free). This app tends to be one of the most used apps on my phone. We use it for every meal or snack we have away from home. It also has a huge list of restaurant menus (for when you need to know that a McDonalds Hamburger Happy Meal with Apple Slices contains 33g net carbohydrates). This app has one of the best databases of food information I have found. While it may not be specifically designed for diabetics, it does make carb counting less of a headache.

2. Finger Pokes

I did the math the other day, and it really puts things into perspective for me. On average, we test our son at least 7 times per day. Sometimes more, rarely less than that. Times that by 7 days a week. Times by 52 weeks in the year. Equals… over 2500 finger pokes every single year. 2548 to be exact. Wow. My three year old endures that many finger pokes per year without so much as a tear? I whine for an hour when I stub my toe. Like I said before, it helps to put things into perspective for me.

3. A1C Tests

The A1C test is a simple lab test that reflects your average blood glucose level over the last 3 months. The target for a 3 year old T1D child is between 7.5-8.5. No matter how much we try to get our son’s A1C under 9, it just doesn’t seem to happen. He usually gets sick between A1C’s and is then prescribed antibiotics that tend to raise his blood sugar. That, coupled with the infection in his body also affecting his blood sugar,  seem to be enough to throw his test just out of range.

At the end of the day, I don’t think there are many things that don’t suck about diabetes. Feel free to share the things you hate by commenting below. Or even better, offer up a solution for other readers. Sometimes the most valuable information comes from someone else going through the same thing as you.


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  1. All those are so true! I would add the “looks” people give when you take your insulin (i am not a junkie people!!!). I was diagnosed in my mid- twenties and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for a child. I constantly want to “taste” the sweets, eat just a little more at supper or have a darn fancy coffee with all the fixings. Diabetes is a terrible disease which many people have the impression that “oh just don’t eat sugar” and they do not understand the magnitude behind it all. Being an adult I now am able to come to terms with it but I can’t imagine if I was a child.

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